Before and After

Before and After: Rework photos

With digital camera taking hundreds if thousand of photos had become a thing that everyone are doing. Just capture now and delete later right!  Sorting out the photos is like revisiting the trip which I enjoy.  Below have I have two photo i almost deleted but I didn’t.

It was an early morning in Canada, Uli and I wake up early to see the sunrise.  Sunrise is one of the thing i love to see. The rises of the sun bring a new begin to the day a fresh new start. I took these photos below.


Before : I love the backlit of the sun on the plant and flower. It created lens flare and wash away the color of the flower and the green of the plant.


After: Using Nik Software Viveza, I bring the green of the plant and the red of the flower. Now the photo looks so much better.

This photo I love.  You can see the sunrise in a distance. Backlit the dry up plants. As I did not use any ND filters, I have to use a fast shutter speed as to not overexposure the photo and camera shake.


After: Using the Raw file, I brighten the overall exposure. With Nik Software, Color Efex Pro I used the Graduated User Defined to darken the sky. After which I used Channel Mixer in Photoshop for the overall warmth color.

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