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If there’s one thing everyone can agree upon when it comes to photo paper it’s that there are an almost endless number of brands and varieties available.  But don’t be intimidated.  Generally speaking—there are some exceptions, and I’ll take note of a few—the most important thing to consider is surface type of the paper and the look you’re trying to realize.  In the broadest sense, you’re looking at papers that range from glossy to matte, in the traditional parlance of photo papers, with a number of intermediate options.

Glossy Papers

Glossy papers provide a punchy, colorful (typically the highest gamut paper style available) look and, due to their ability to render high contrast images, work well for black & white printing as well.  The papers themselves tend to be quite durable, and are available in a number of comparable offshoots as well, including semi-gloss.  Almost every paper manufacturer—from name brands…

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