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Canada, Here we come – Part II

…We’d breakfast, prepared the car and took off for Jasper.

A beautiful drive during the day. 🙂


The highway leads to the Ice-field parkway




Christmas time we spent by -40 Degree Celsius in Jasper.





On our way back from Jasper to Calgary, we stopped at the Lake Louise.


This year we’ll travel partially on the same route to revisit the sites like Banff, Jasper and Lake Louis to shot the autumn images of the same spot. For our fine art project, we’ll have collections of images with the same subject during the different times of the year. A reason for us to travel.

After we have seen Canada, we continue to Peru. When a friend told me, that he will work for a few years in Peru and invited us to visit him, I realized that the visit will be an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Peruvian Historical periods and translate them into fine art projects.

During my research on the internet I found places for the “pre Mayan”-, “the Mayan”- and of course and the modern times.

We’ll keep you posted. Come back and see about the forthcoming  content.

Canada, Here we come – Part I if you have miss our previous post.

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