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Canada, Here we come – Part I

We are excited to travel to the Canadian Rockies again . Last time that we went was in December 2008, it was winter wonderland.

We had a memorable time during Christmas. Everything went perfect. Canada was covered, from Vancouver to St John’s (Newfoundland) in snow.

Some people, which have chosen in December 2008, Vancouver as a transit point, to reach their final destination got stuck there for many days due to the snow chaos. Vancouver was covered in a 20cm blanket of snow and ice. The airport couldn’t handle the situation and many, many flights got canceled.

After we spend the first weekend in Vancouver, we flew into Calgary to start our trip into the Rocky Mountains.

We drove via Banff towards Jasper. It was breathtaking. The wide snow covered landscape we haven’t seen before. A bit dangerous also. Many gas stations are closed during winter times. Specially between Banff and Jasper. We planed to drive to Jasper in the evening. When we realized, that there are no gas stations, we’d returned to Banff to stay over for the night.

The other morning we got the first glimpse onto the snow covered mountains. Beautiful. We had our breakfast, prepared the car and took off…


The Hotel we stay over night at Banff

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